Day 177 in 2017

Time freezes while you are waiting. 

It waits until what you are waiting for finds you. 

It’s the sole hobnobber you are having, 

Who abides silently around you . 

Time freezes while others are coming and going.

Never it is troubled by the oscillation,

That keeps on occurring. 

Time is your constant companion.

Day 176 in 2017

When there’s nothing you can do, 

When there’s no where else to move, 

Get yourself a pair of sunglasses and earphones, 

Chill out and enjoy the ride, 

Yes, life is indeed unpredictable! 

Day 174 in 2017

What to draw? 

Might be the biggest question. 

Which color to fill in? 

Might be the trickiest one. 

The best answer for either of those questions 

Are in your true self. 

Draw your dreams. 

Fill them in with the colors of your aptitude. 

Day 172 in 2017

An Ode to the Birthday President 

You were once an impossible dream for the nation,

An uncustomary diamond,

And exceptional phenomenon. 

Working your fingers to the bone, 

You are giving yourself as a person, 

More than just a president.

It still feels like a dream turned on;

Thank you, and happy birthday, Mr. President! 

President Joko Widodo