I heart Jakarta!

I have been living and roaming around Jakarta for about 25 years but never really paid attention on capturing the city in photographs. Not until this summer.

It started when my husband and I were walking on one of the crossing bridges at the main street of Jakarta, on our way to the insurance company one Tuesday afternoon. We parked our car at Le Meridien Hotel, and then crossed the street. I remember it was cloudy, and we had quite a serious conversation about our small investment. Then I looked to the right and saw this rare view of my city. I grabbed my Blackberry and took this picture right away.

The serene Jakarta

When I posted it on Facebook, someone thought that it was taken on Sunday morning, when it’s (usually) quiet. Well, no surprise –  Jakarta wouldn’t be this serene during weekdays.  This city has been known as the city of chaos and traffic jams… The view in the picture looks more like a painting than a photograph. I love the view of the buildings far at the back, under the grey and pinkish sky. It’s just like in a brochure of a “dream city”. I wish Jakarta could be this serene… everyday!

From this picture, I decided to make a series of photographs entitled “I Heart Jakarta”.

A couple of weeks after that, my husband took me on a photo hunting with some friends. The area is the famous landmark of Jakarta: Bunderan Hotel Indonesia (The Hotel Indonesia Roundabout) with its legendary Patung Selamat Datang (The Welcome Statue) and Hotel Indonesia.

Patung Selamat Datang waves people goodbye as they drive home from work

This spot looks amazing at night with the lights from the fountain, the buildings, the street and the vehicles.

Bunderan H.I. (the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout) with the Mandarin Hotel on the left and Hotel Indonesia Kempinski on the right, as the background, and Patung Selamat Datang (The Welcome Statue) right in the middle.

magnificent Jakarta!

the legendary Indonesian couple who faithfully greet everyone in the city

The Grand Indonesia ... I love the name!

Interestingly, while taking these photos, I saw a different Jakarta – magnificent! The lights from the cars stuck in traffic jams looked gorgeous from the camera (although the people inside those cars wouldn’t agree with me).

cars, here, there, everywhere!

and this is Jakarta... an ocean of cars at rush hour

the glamorous Bunderan H.I.

Before, I was not a big fan of Jakarta. But from this summer I can say “I heart Jakarta”.


2 thoughts on “I heart Jakarta!

  1. Steve says:

    Wow, that Serene Jakarta picture really is beautiful – and like you say, almost like a dream painting instead of a photograph. Really amazing…

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