I just passed the first week of school. Yes, school is back!

It was quite an easy week – better than I had expected. The whole week was dedicated to get to know each other in a fun way. To be honest I started the week halfheartedly –  dunno why, perhaps I just need to linger a little bit more… nothing important. But the mood started to escalate bit by bit as soon as I met my new bunch.

My new bunch is an appealing one. They are full of energy, creative, talented, smart, musical and fun! Meeting them for the first time has made me eager to get to know them more.

my happy-faces bunch!

Those smiles are precious… The most anticipated ones all year long. They are just full of energy, and their energy has boosted my teaching mood back!

girls always have something to discuss...

During the week, I was so happy to see these class members mingled easily.  I began to see some “crazy head” here… It’s going to be a very-much-alive class!

the boys
the newly-enrolled girls
the bunch
standing tall...these are my giants!

These are grade 10s and most of the boys are taller than me. Sometimes I couldn’t believe that I’m teaching this pre-adolescent bunch. I had taught almost all levels: Twaddler (2-3 year-olds), Kindergarten, Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary, and High School. I had the joy in teaching each level. They were all interesting in their own way.

They sing, they dance, the play music... Fireworks!

So, boys and girls, it is a delight for me to teach you this year. We are so going to have fun together! I promise 😀 – Ms. Fanny


P.S. Credit goes to Reine the 11th Grader for the pics – Thanks a bunch, girl!