It’s back, the feeling of not feeling it….

where's the feeling?

I notice now that every 2 or 3 years I would go through this loosing-the-feeling thing. Not really into anything that I am doing anymore…
After a thorough self-obseravtion and this and that analysis, I found out that I always want or need new things to do, or should I say new challenge, every now and then.

At first I got really frustrated with myself, because it’s not an easy feeling to deal with. The worst part would be to feel useless and unwanted, and trust me it’s so hard to believe that people like you at those times. All I want to do is just disappear and appear somewhere else unknown with the people I haven’t known. I have no idea where those feelings come from. I just get bored of all I do.
But now I know. It shows me that I need a change. I need to meet new people. I need to be in a new place. I need to do new things.

So I have a check list:
Meeting new people – need more.
Being in a new place – not yet.
Doing new things – at the moment: BLOGGING! Yeah, I blog because I need to do a new thing. I fall in love with blogging now. And I know why it helps, it’s not just about ‘doing a new thing’, but more to that, it brings me to new places and ‘meet’ new people in a unique way. It’s like I’m creating my own world.

An escape? I don’t know. But it helps. I found the mood back… sort of.