you're so unpleasant to look at in sombre mood

I guess I’m having my PMS these days, especially today! I started the day unhappily (for no reason). I tried to enjoy the day but one of my students came to notice that I looked sombre 😦 After work I became so untouchable – in other words: leave me alone. I didn’t want to meet anyone because I didn’t want to have to hide what I’ve been through. I was being an unpleasant person today… at least unpleasant to and for myself.

The worst thing about this unpleasant mood was the negative thought about almost everything. You know, the thought that people were being unfair, the thought that you’re just not good enough for about anything and about self-pity. Simply rubbish. Simply frustrating.

Then in the evening I went out to a prayer meeting. Magically, when I met the first person and started to talk to her, my aura seemed to change drastically.  Then I met the second person, the third, the fourth, and some more. As I talked to them I found out that I could, and I should, take control of my mood and overcome the battle in my mind.

Then in the prayer meeting I sat and began to worship and praise God wholeheartedly. I focused 100% on God and all His uncountable goodness in my life. You know, when you count your blessings, you are able to see that you are just one of the luckiest people on Earth. Then you will start to be grateful for yourself, for who you are. Then all negativities transform into positivities. That’s what happened to me 🙂

cheer up!

From that point on, I decided to cheer up and conquer the battle of the mind. Yes I did, I conquered it big time! I smiled and enjoyed myself. See, you won’t be able to enjoy anything if you can’t enjoy yourself.  That sombre thing has mysteriously gone somewhere.

So, the battle of the mind starts with one simple thing: a decision. Make a decision to cheer up and be thankful. Happiness and joy do not come from our surrounding. They’re here, in our heart. All we need to do is just to decide to bring them outward. You decide, I decide. They will spring forth. Once they appear, somehow we will be able to see things differently: in a more-encouraging way.

O God I thank Thee 😀