Last January I had a pilgrimage trip to Israel with my husband and a group of amazing new friends. It was a fun, inspiring and memorable trip indeed. Everyone was having a great time, enjoying each other’s company and the whole trip.

Visiting a place totally different from where we live is always interesting. You find a lot of things to learn and enjoy the different culture. To be added, you spot many photo objects!

We took zillions of pictures of about anything (of course!). Some of them were the interior of the ancient churches.

Tabgha, Caphernaum















I wish I could have the mini version of this chandelier at home…

Stella Maris Church, Haifa





























This church is located on top of the hill. The view from the gate is breath- taking!

The Gethsemane Church, Jerusalem


















It’s just so regal! Magnificent.

Church of Nativity, Bethlehem
The Church of Nativity
















(above) This is very gothic, according to my opinion.

St. Catherine, Bethlehem


































I love the pattern.

Chapel of the sheperds
















If I could have this kind of dome for my back verandah, it will be awesome!

Upper Via Dolorosa, Old Jerusalem



















Escala- ting hope

The first stop of Via Dolorosa


















Look at the same pattern with the previ-ous one

The West Wall Tunnel




















magni- ficent!

The Upper Room
















It’s old and needs some re- painting, but the beauty stays.

The foyer of Nebo Restaurant at Mt. Nebo, Jordan