This evening I watched “Oprah & J.K. Rowling in Scotland” where Oprah interviewed J.K. Rowling regarding her latest Harry Potter movie release. We know well that it’s Oprah who does the interview, a.k.a. asking her guests questions. But there was an interesting part when  suddenly J.K. Rowling interviewed Oprah with a simple, yet profound question regarding her resignation from the Oprah Show – “How do you know that it’s time to stop?”

I like Oprah’s simple answer – “I just knew it’s the right time to stop.” J.K. agreed on this.

Then they talked about how the late Michael Jackson never realised that his phenomenal album “Thriller” was a huge phenomenon; and so he spent the rest of his life unsatisfyingly chasing for the phenomenon. They don’t want to do that. The two influential ladies know that they have done all. I may say, they have become the phenomenons, but they know when to stop.

I can see that they stop when they know they have accomplished their purpose. They are not blinded by the phenomenon they’ve made (or become). They focus on their purpose, that is why they are not blinded.

I believe God entrusted each creation with a special purpose in each one’s life. So, know your purpose in everything you do. It will enhance the best in and out of you.