I am a Indonesian and I am proud of it. This beautiful homeland of mine is rich with exotic flora and fauna – big and small; plain and colourful; you name it… 

Some of the flora and fauna are found among us, people, in everyday life. Among those are mosquitoes!

Yes, the exotic insect can be found everywhere. They travel confidently almost everywhere. They hang out happily around human beings, as if they want to befriend with us. Unfortunately, none of us has any interest to befriend with them. Maybe because they are too aggressive… or annoying to be exact! And that’s why I refuse to insert their picture here…

Me against Mosquitoes! Especially these days… It seems that they are having a jubilee, a conference, a rock festival or anykind of mass-attract event. I have no clue why there are soooo many mosquitoes around the house in the evening these days. It’s just too annoying!

I try as hard as I could not to use the toxic-spray to massacre them – considering the long-term effect for me and my family and the environment (hey, I care about my health and the planet, too). My mom used to plug in a soothing-scent anti-mosquito electric aromatherapy. It didn’t work as expected. Today, my husband bought an ultra-violet lantern to trap those tiny blood-suckers. The result? Not satisfying at all! They prefer to poke and cling on our bodies… arrggh!

So, I’m back with the traditional – or should I say the primitive way of mosquito-hunting: bare hands!

Guess what? It may sound silly, but I found an excitement and satisfaction of being able to catch and slap them with bare hands, especially when I could get 10 or more mosquitoes in an hour or so. It has become some kind of sport of my own in the evening – slapping mosquitoes with bare hands. The funny thing is, it annoys me much whenever I cannot catch them. You know, sometimes it is so close before your eyes or on your arm or leg, the bloody-fat mosquito – so easy to catch – and yet you miss it! … another arrggh!

Well, this is the risk of living in an exotic tropical paradise =) *as I struggle between typing this blog and slapping the mosquitoes… at the same time… =(