Due to the Eid Mubarak, the school got another 2-week holiday. And as I always do, I don’t give homework for my students during the long holiday like this. I just want them to enjoy their free time.  But still, they’ve got homework from other subjects. So, before the holiday started, I invite them to join me in my holiday self-challenge (since I’ve got a pile of homework too!). It is simply to manage our holiday time, so we can finish the homework, and yet enjoy the holiday.

The challenge is simple:

I start each day by doing a part of the homework, let’s say from 8.30-ish until lunch time. No phone, no emails, and no TV. Just me and my homework. I choose to do it in the morning because the brain is fresh and it works best in the morning 😀

After lunch, I read the book I’ve bought for my holiday, for about an hour or two. Then, usually, I would fall asleep – and so, I take a nap.

After the nap, then I would make myself my afternoon-tea, then turn on the TV, then turn on my mobile phone, then check my email, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. Or I can go out.  😀

Guess what? I enjoy it! I think this is one of the most organized stay-home holiday I’ve ever had! I have fun with myself, I have a lot of rest, and my homework are mostly done (still have some more, and the holiday isn’t finished yet!).