Today in my grade 11 reading class we read a poem entitled “Touching”. We talked about the ways to communicate that touch our heart. We came up with the conclusion that the true communication touches heart.

One of my students shared about his personal experience of the most touching moment he have ever experienced. It’s with his late father. He told us that before his father passed away, he told him that he loves him, and that he should take care of his mother. This boy said that it was the first time his father ever said to him that he loves him. We went silent after hearing that. It was a touching moment.

I come to realise that it is quite important for us to communicate our feelings toward others. It’s not for our sake, it’s for the sake of the other parties. As a teacher, I always feel it is important to communicate what’s in our heart about the students. It builds the personal connection. Personal connection has a big role in learning atmosphere. When the students have done a hard work, I must appreciate them, no matter how the outcome is, I praise them for their hard work. When the students fail to perform the right attitude, I must let them know how it would affect them.

I never consider myself a good communicator. I mostly prefer to keep things in my head or heart. But I learn to be a better communicator, day by day.