Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs


November 2011

This poem was written by John Agard – born in Guyana. He moved to United Kingdom in 1977, sailing on SS Empire Windrush which brought the first 500 immigrants from Jamaica in the Caribbean to the UK.

This poem was written for Vince Reid, the youngest passenger on the Empire Windrush, then aged 13.



Behind you

Windrush child

palm trees wave goodbye


above you

Windrush child

seabirds asking why


around you

Windrush child

blue water rolling by


beside you

Windrush child

your Windrush mum and dad


think of a story time yard

and mango mornings

and new beginnings


doors closing and opening

will things turn out right?

At least the ship will arrive

in midsummer light


and you Windrush child

think of grandmother

telling you don’t forget to write


and with one last hug

walk good walk good

and the sea’s wheel carries on spinning


and from that place England

you tell her in a letter

of your Windrush adventure


stepping in a big ship

not knowing how long the journey

or that you’re stepping into history


bringing your Caribbean eye

to another horizon

grandmother’s words your shining beacon


learning how to fly

the kite of your dreams

in an English sky


Windrush child

walking good walking good

in a mind-opening

meeting of snow and sun


Blackbird – Corinne Bailey Rae & Herbie Hancock

I find this song very poetic, love it…  especially this version 🙂

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free
Blackbird fly
Blackbird fly
Into the light of a dark black night

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

They said, “Well, I hope you understand, I have this situation…”

They said, “Well, we hope you understand, but we’ve got to do this…”

They said, “Well, we hope you understand…”

They said, “Well, you’ve got to understand this…”

Then, everyone left me out of their situation.

Thinking that they left me with some understanding.

Well, I don’t … understand.

So, on my own, I walk away.

Now they say, “I don’t understand what’s with you…”

Now they say, “We don’t understand why are you doing this…”

Now they say, “We don’t understand why, why, why and why…”

Then, I left everyone out of my situation.

Thinking that they may figure things out on their own.

Well, I don’t … ask them to understand.

So, on my own … just leave me alone.

Fight the good fight!

Fight the good fight, with faith and a good conscience


They had it as a writing test last week. I asked them to look at one of the pictures of Tsunami aftermath, they came with wonderful poems. I am amazed. So I take 4 samples among 21.


A SURVIVOR’S DISMAY by Gabriella Mitra Rouli

Ruins, ruins everywhere

By the time I realise the devastating wave has gone

I, too, take notice that everything else has gone

Coming like a burglar at night

The tsunami has robbed and taken away things and lives

So I sit here in despondency and cry with all my might

As the catastrophe rips my heart apart like it was with knives


Rubbles, rubbles everywhere

They were all what’s left after the tsunami

How am I going to pursue life now?

How am I going to survive after everything has lost?

I worry day and night

I suffer and I still have to fight

The road of life has turned into such a mournful song

God, what have I done wrong?


The tsunami, the harbour wave

It has left me with not much to save…

The catastrophe may be ephemeral

But the pain and agony will be eternal

For I will never forget

The dismay that the devastating wave once gave me…


AHMED by Margaretha Lumbanraja

My name is Ahmed

I had a beautiful life

I loved my life

But not today


I had a nice house

Red bricks and covered by green paint

My family and I lived there

But not today


Now, I’m sitting on one of my walls

My house has broken into pieces

Like a puzzle, scattered everywhere

Yes, it is now


The wave, the gigantic wave

It came into my house

And falling into my house

And gone away, without responsibility


My name is Ahmed

And I’m the victim

The victim of tsunami

Tsunami, the monster wave



Horror and terror all I can see

People crying, bodies lying, what a terrible scene

A rush of water was all that it took

To rock a city down to its core


The rush was fast

The rush was swift

It didn’t care for you and me

With one stroke it destroyed it all


The world was bleeding, can you see?

But sometimes it’s oblivious to you and me

For one rush took it all

Every great thing had its fall


THE EVIL WAVE by Mariska Dwi Indah

People were crying

Crying for their loved one

Their loved one who had lost

Lost and drowned in the evil wave


Smile, happiness, laughter

Were swept by a giant wave

Left the tear, sadness and terror

In everyone’s heart


The night before

People were dancing and laughing

Having their party on the beach

But now

No one smiles

No one laughs

No one dances

Only cries were heard


The evil wave had destroyed all of the things

Swept anything and took everything


It shows our expression

It shows our feelings

It shows our thoughts

It connects each other

It connects all the people in the world

It makes us know each other

It makes us as good friends

It makes good relationships


TALK TO THE HAND by Reine Prihandoko


Inarticulative words are echoing

From inside the locked cave


All my actions seem like I’ve done my best

To bring back a dead hummingbird

He is better than a pianist

He is better than a masseur

For he uses his fingers in everything he does.


COMMUNICATION by Aviantara Dwi Putra

Communication is hard to see,

But in the end,

It is the key

To our great relationship.

We use our text messages,

Our computers, to speak for us,

We use our telephones

To connect with our friends.

It’s hard to know who’s to talk,

If we’re not face to face,

It’s hard to get a clear message,

Isn’t it a shame?


COMMUNICATION by Clarisa Natalie

It’s not only about sentences and words,

But expressions and touch,

Without expressions,

Sentences are MEANINGLESS,

Inside the words,

There is touch.

Expressions are about to UNDERSTAND,


Touch is felt,

This is all about HUMAN CONNECTION,


A YEAR OF MEMORIES by Her Daneswara

January welcomes the New Year,

Everywhere party and cans of beer.

February brings Valentine,

Having chocolates, drinking wine.

Many tests on the month of March,

No lazy days but study hard.

Rising April with April fool,

Lots of pranks are done at school.

Here comes May with Final Examination,

Study hard and prepare for vacation.

Next comes June with holiday,

Never-ending fun and time to play.

Preparation of going back to school in July,

The lazy days and fun days had already passed by.

17th of August is the Independence Day,

No studying moment for that day.

September is just another normal day,

Not missing a day without studying everyday.

Here comes October with October Fest,

Go to festivals and study less.

1st of November is my birthdate,

Oh presents, please don’t be late.

Say goodbye to December,

Already a year to remember…


THE BEST YEAR by Jordan Henschel

January has many holidays,

It is time to play.

February is time to enjoy,

because it is still the earlier month to enjoy.

March has many examinations,

We have to consume enough nutritions.

April is a period of busy working,

We have to get refreshing.

May is tome for final examination,

But be ready for long hibernation.

June is a full-time holiday,

Time to have marvelous fun day.

July is still refresher day,

Time to get some vacation.

August is the first day of school,

Time to act cool.

September is hard time,

Studying full time.

October has holidays,

It is time to play.

November is close to semester holiday,

Waiting, ready for holiday.

December is the best month,

Welcoming new year and new month.

MY 12 MONTHS! by Novia

January brings the New Year,

People celebrate with their dear.

February fourteen brings Valentine’s Day,

It’s also chocolate day.

March brings a daffodil,

The cold breeze makes me chill.

Government exam in April is the worst,

This month I hate the most.

Lots of papers and books scattered in May,

I call it study day.

Holidays are in June!

Let’s have fun and stay tune.

July, school is near,

New friends are here.

August is full of red and white,

It would be fun if we celebrate at night.

Middle-term report is in September,

Also it is worth to remember.

October brings halloween,

Children get scared by the teens.

November shows nothing,

For me, it’s everything.

December is filled with Christmas,

This month is greatest.


THE YEAR by Cecilia Naomi

January is the first month of the year,

It all begins here.

February is fantastic,

Valentine chocolate is aromatic,

That makes me enthusiastic.

March is red,

It’s so bad,

Because of homeworks that make me depressed,

So I just want to go to bed.

April mop is mysterious,

Fully humorous,

But also makes me anxious.

May always makes me thirsty,

Where I must face the exams that make my brain spiky,

To answer some questions that are tricky.

June brings holiday,

Everyday is like a great day.

July is the first month of the semester,

That makes my holiday melt like butter.

August is the month that is historical for my country,

Where all of the national heroes finished their duty.

September makes me hubbub,

That makes me want to stay in the bathtub.

October is the month of celebration,

That gives me a lot of inspiration.

Nothing special in November,

But something will be special if there is winter.

Deember full of snow,

That can make my heart glow.


January brings the blizzard blow,

Which makes everything goes slow.

February brings the chocolate love,

To the people they love.

March brings the chill creeping wind,

Giving goosebumps to the humankind.

April unites silly pranksters,

They who spread the laughter.

May brings a sudden crop of green pronged solitaires,

And blossom by blossom the spring begins.

June brings dandelion in grass,

In the wind head cotton ball white overpass.

4th of July, the day for celebration,

Unnoticed as a routine revelation.

August brings the hot temperature rising,

And the fiery sun blazing.

September brings smells of ripe fruits,

And the taste of fresh juice.

October brings spooky panorama,

And magic spell abracadabra.

November brings willows and wattles to blend,

As close and shielding as a friend.

December brings Christmas joy,

To little girls and boys.



January brings new year,

Happiness it brings and no fear.

Lots of love to be kept in February,

‘Cause it is extraordinary.

March is Saint Patrick’s Day,

It must be holiday.

April Fools bring happiness,

Then you wouldn’t have a feeling of loneliness.

Examination is on May,

Forget about holiday.

June is time for vacation.

No school nor examination.

Summer comes on July,

Let’s say goodbye to holiday, ‘bye!’

17 August is the Independence Day,

No study for that day, it means holiday!

Cold weather comes on September,

September will be the 9th month forever.

The awkward month is October,

A beautiful moment to remember.

November is really beautiful,

It’s so unbelievable and it’s a miracle.

December brings Christmas many toys and food,

Christmas brings good mood.

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