Bella’s & Tami’s Poems


January brings the blizzard blow,

Which makes everything goes slow.

February brings the chocolate love,

To the people they love.

March brings the chill creeping wind,

Giving goosebumps to the humankind.

April unites silly pranksters,

They who spread the laughter.

May brings a sudden crop of green pronged solitaires,

And blossom by blossom the spring begins.

June brings dandelion in grass,

In the wind head cotton ball white overpass.

4th of July, the day for celebration,

Unnoticed as a routine revelation.

August brings the hot temperature rising,

And the fiery sun blazing.

September brings smells of ripe fruits,

And the taste of fresh juice.

October brings spooky panorama,

And magic spell abracadabra.

November brings willows and wattles to blend,

As close and shielding as a friend.

December brings Christmas joy,

To little girls and boys.



January brings new year,

Happiness it brings and no fear.

Lots of love to be kept in February,

‘Cause it is extraordinary.

March is Saint Patrick’s Day,

It must be holiday.

April Fools bring happiness,

Then you wouldn’t have a feeling of loneliness.

Examination is on May,

Forget about holiday.

June is time for vacation.

No school nor examination.

Summer comes on July,

Let’s say goodbye to holiday, ‘bye!’

17 August is the Independence Day,

No study for that day, it means holiday!

Cold weather comes on September,

September will be the 9th month forever.

The awkward month is October,

A beautiful moment to remember.

November is really beautiful,

It’s so unbelievable and it’s a miracle.

December brings Christmas many toys and food,

Christmas brings good mood.


A drop of word would make my day :D

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