MY YEAR POEM by Bunga Alvita Ayu

January brings the New Year,

All of them party there and here.

February brings Valentine pink,

Love and hearts more than you could think.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March,

Greens and shamrocks along the road they march.

April comes with April Fools,

Tricks and mischieve found most in schools.

Exam weeks are always on May,

Physics, Biology? Whatever you say.

June is a month of holiday,

Happy, joyful and Hip-Hip Hurray!

July is the beginning of a new school term,

In a jiffy, all students transform into bookworm.

Independence Day on August 17,

Competitions are yearly routine.

Autumn is usually in September,

Orange and falling leaves, all worth to remember.

October brings the Halloween,

Jack-O-Lantern, candy and jelly bean.

Thanksgiving comes in November,

Warming up the chilly weather.

December brings the Christmas white,

Santa’s coming along tonight.

These are the events of my year, you see,

How about your year? You tell me.


POEM OF THE YEAR by Kezia Brindabella

January brings a new year,

Where everyone waited with sincere.

February oh February,

You make my days shine brightly.

March, for me it is a month full of cheerfulness,

But for others, mayber it is a month of cheerlessness.

April? I don’t have any idea at all!

Maybe I’ll wait for the coming of rainfall.

May. What a wonderful birthday!

It is filled with celebration, Hooray!

June brings holiday,

Everyday feels like Sunday.

July. Oh no! Go back to school,

Cool but cruel.

August, summer is passing, taking what I bring,

The grass begins to grow, the sky is filled with wings.

September, why do you want me to let my tears fall off my eyes?

You really make me so unwise…

October brings the spirit through the air,

Joy, happiness and peace everywhere…

November, nothing can be proud of,

Yeah, it can only be described with mauve.

December! Christmas and holidays! Here we come!

Now I can finally feel the freedom!