A YEAR OF MEMORIES by Her Daneswara

January welcomes the New Year,

Everywhere party and cans of beer.

February brings Valentine,

Having chocolates, drinking wine.

Many tests on the month of March,

No lazy days but study hard.

Rising April with April fool,

Lots of pranks are done at school.

Here comes May with Final Examination,

Study hard and prepare for vacation.

Next comes June with holiday,

Never-ending fun and time to play.

Preparation of going back to school in July,

The lazy days and fun days had already passed by.

17th of August is the Independence Day,

No studying moment for that day.

September is just another normal day,

Not missing a day without studying everyday.

Here comes October with October Fest,

Go to festivals and study less.

1st of November is my birthdate,

Oh presents, please don’t be late.

Say goodbye to December,

Already a year to remember…


THE BEST YEAR by Jordan Henschel

January has many holidays,

It is time to play.

February is time to enjoy,

because it is still the earlier month to enjoy.

March has many examinations,

We have to consume enough nutritions.

April is a period of busy working,

We have to get refreshing.

May is tome for final examination,

But be ready for long hibernation.

June is a full-time holiday,

Time to have marvelous fun day.

July is still refresher day,

Time to get some vacation.

August is the first day of school,

Time to act cool.

September is hard time,

Studying full time.

October has holidays,

It is time to play.

November is close to semester holiday,

Waiting, ready for holiday.

December is the best month,

Welcoming new year and new month.