O how I miss blogging! It’s been a while…

Yesterday my grade 9ers handed me their homework: rhymy poems! They were struggling to find the words, but they did it fantastically! That’s why I post them here 😀

MONTHS & CELEBRATIONS by Janitra Saraswati

Jolly January brings the fun,

And lots of homeworks that need to be done.

Lots of lovebirds are seen on February,

Valentine’s Day with scent of raspberry.

March comes with daffodils and breeze,

Every mom deserves a feast.

If you get tricked, just shout ‘Hooray!’

‘Cause April has April Fool’s Day.

Exam, exam on miserable May,

Dates with books every night and day.

On June, scream out ‘HOLIDAY!’

Go slay dragons on games, or go to the bay.

July has Hot Diggity Dog day,

“What a weird celebration,” you may say.

Indonesia’s Independence Day is on August,

To join all the fun would be the coolest.

September brings fruits and juice,

Drink a glass with some blues.

Prepare your costume, pumpkin and sweet,

‘Cause in October there’ll be ‘trick or treat’!

November brings mushroom and Thanksgiving,

Get ready for turkey, pumpkin pie and stuffing.

At the end, comes December,

Heaps of celebrations worth to remember.


MY 12 MONTHS! by Jessica Meilina

January means new year,

Get ready, prepare your eyes and ears.

February has Valentine in it,

Receive chocolates and start to eat!

March is time to study,

Be serious, forget the comedy.

April starts with April Fools Day,

Let’s start to play.

May is my birthday month,

Go on, and start to count.

June brings holiday,

Days that bring me bills to pay.

July starts the new school year,

Many new things that will make you crazier.

August is the independence month of Indonesia,

My very own utopia.

September means back to school,

Calm your soul, stay cool.

October brings us Halloween party,

Try to express yourself freely.

November is the heartbeat,

Eventhough there’e nothing special, but we can’t miss it.

December is when we celebrate Christmas,

Heading to new year and cature the past.