MY 12 MONTHS! by Novia

January brings the New Year,

People celebrate with their dear.

February fourteen brings Valentine’s Day,

It’s also chocolate day.

March brings a daffodil,

The cold breeze makes me chill.

Government exam in April is the worst,

This month I hate the most.

Lots of papers and books scattered in May,

I call it study day.

Holidays are in June!

Let’s have fun and stay tune.

July, school is near,

New friends are here.

August is full of red and white,

It would be fun if we celebrate at night.

Middle-term report is in September,

Also it is worth to remember.

October brings halloween,

Children get scared by the teens.

November shows nothing,

For me, it’s everything.

December is filled with Christmas,

This month is greatest.


THE YEAR by Cecilia Naomi

January is the first month of the year,

It all begins here.

February is fantastic,

Valentine chocolate is aromatic,

That makes me enthusiastic.

March is red,

It’s so bad,

Because of homeworks that make me depressed,

So I just want to go to bed.

April mop is mysterious,

Fully humorous,

But also makes me anxious.

May always makes me thirsty,

Where I must face the exams that make my brain spiky,

To answer some questions that are tricky.

June brings holiday,

Everyday is like a great day.

July is the first month of the semester,

That makes my holiday melt like butter.

August is the month that is historical for my country,

Where all of the national heroes finished their duty.

September makes me hubbub,

That makes me want to stay in the bathtub.

October is the month of celebration,

That gives me a lot of inspiration.

Nothing special in November,

But something will be special if there is winter.

Deember full of snow,

That can make my heart glow.