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January 2012

A Mug of Hot Tea with a Darling Friend

A mug of hot tea
with a darling friend
are all what it takes
to make you feel better
from any kind of distress

A mug of hot tea
shared with a darling friend
makes it a million times better
just like a fresh rejuvenating wind

A mug of hot tea
with a darling friend
can make the sun shines brighter
and the world sparks colors more cheerfully


A mug of hot tea

with a darling friend

always brings hope alive

in the midst of a sea called anxiety

(I was holding a cup, though actually always prefer a mug)


Saturday, January 28 – 2012: It’s a 360º-world after all

It’s a  360º-world after all,

It is round and has no end,

Seasons change,

People grow,

Life rotates,

Just like a ball,

Taking us on a roll,

One thing to be grateful for,

Wherever we fall,

We can always find a friend.

(Celebrating new connections with people around the world!)

Wednesday, January 25 – 2012: When the days shared

Monday shared the story of penguins,

Those that we need to protect,

From the extinction wind!












Tuesday shared the story of tigers,

How they are in the urge to be saved,

From any kind of dangers!










Wednesday shared the story of pandas,

Now we need to be aware,

To preserve these one-of-a-kinds.











Thursday shared another story of pandas,

It was so comical,

That the little ones adored it!










Friday shared the story of polar bears,

The facts they shared,

Were fun to hear!

Monday, January 23 – 2012: Windows.

Windows are built to open up,

Inviting the world to see what’s inside,

Never you imagine of what you will find,

Dreams and passion, trapped inside,

On their verge of bursting out!

Windows are built for you to look outside, and

Share to the world what you have inside!


Sunday, January 22 – 2012: One of those days.


It’s one of those days,

When I enjoy being alone,

Wandering alone like going astray,

Right in the midst of the sea of human.

Stirring ideas,

Accomplishing many,

It’s my own feast,

Though it seems so tiny!

Saturday, January 21 – 2012: Chinese New Year!

It’s Saturday

and I’m on holiday

Starting Yesterday

Until next Tuesday =)

It’s the Chinese New Year

Or some call it The Lunar Year

They believe it’s The Dragon Year

The year for people with power

Whatever they say,

I believe in God’s favor,

Life is colorful, I say

And surely rich in flavor!


My own colorful human Barongsai (Chinese Dragon Puppet) – my way of saying “Happy New Year!”

New is not always easy.

It takes a big heart to overcome it.

New means taking a different road,

maybe wider,

perhaps narrower,

could be bumpier,

or simply smoother.

New means new.

It means you have never been to.

It means you know almost,

or even nothing about it.

It takes courage and patience

to master the new.

Open up with curiosity,

Explore with passion,

Dig with patience and perseverance.

New may look ugly,

and scary, and humongous.

But it is waiting for you to get closer

and be its friend.

New is not always good,

but it can be good if we make it so.

Dare yourself to jump out of the box.

Dare yourself to take the different road.

(on having a new MacBook at hand :P)

The new year sans resolutions

It’s new year!

A new season.

There’s no fear,

Only bold expectation.

Never make any resolution,

Just go with the flow,

So in any condition,

Thanksgiving I blow.

Believe that I shall find favor,

Both in the Creator’s and men’s hearts,

The best is what I hope for,

To have faith is the right start.





My dear Creator will take me to new places,

Those that I have never been to.

Surely will meet new faces,

Those that I will be connected to.

I wonder,

I imagine,

I ponder,

I dream…

Curious, yet excited,

Like a little child on a holiday trip,

Questioning what’s next,

Right before going to sleep.

One fact that will not be killed,

No matter what, no matter where,

I will always be fulfilled

By and with my Sovereign Creator


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