It’s new year!

A new season.

There’s no fear,

Only bold expectation.

Never make any resolution,

Just go with the flow,

So in any condition,

Thanksgiving I blow.

Believe that I shall find favor,

Both in the Creator’s and men’s hearts,

The best is what I hope for,

To have faith is the right start.





My dear Creator will take me to new places,

Those that I have never been to.

Surely will meet new faces,

Those that I will be connected to.

I wonder,

I imagine,

I ponder,

I dream…

Curious, yet excited,

Like a little child on a holiday trip,

Questioning what’s next,

Right before going to sleep.

One fact that will not be killed,

No matter what, no matter where,

I will always be fulfilled

By and with my Sovereign Creator