Saturday, January 28 – 2012: It’s a 360º-world after all

It’s a  360º-world after all,

It is round and has no end,

Seasons change,

People grow,

Life rotates,

Just like a ball,

Taking us on a roll,

One thing to be grateful for,

Wherever we fall,

We can always find a friend.

(Celebrating new connections with people around the world!)


6 thoughts on “Saturday, January 28 – 2012: It’s a 360º-world after all

  1. Capturing Light says:

    Replying from Reno Nevada. I love what your doing here. I feel a great sense of peace when I read your poetry. I especially love this poem since you are “celebrating new connections whith people around the world.” We are never alone and can always find a friend. Bravo!
    I am a photographer as well and your images are beautiful.
    Come over to my side of the world and explore through my blog
    Cheers friend.

      • Capturing Light says:

        HI Fanny
        It’s very cool being able to talk to you and share our love for blogging. WordPress has really opened my eyes to what WorldWideWeb REALLY means. I’m an old school film girl that even after having my digital cameras for 10 years is still adjusting to the digital world. It’s very cool and I am getting my art out to a huge audience through all kinds of different media outlets. It a fun journey especially since I’m not quite sure where it will take me.
        I recently posted some amazing images of the Black Rock Desert here in Nevada. If you don’t know… this area hosts 50,000 people + each year for an art festival called Burning Man [google it]. It draws people from all over the world to this area which is desolate the other 49 weeks of the year ie see my post images.
        Glad I can share

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