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February 2012

A week of awesome (and not-awesome-at-all) surprises!

A surprise flies around every day
Like a bird flying above the lake
Looking for
a boat,
a dock,
a pier,
a tree,
a trunk,
a used Tyre,
a rock,
a roof,
where it shall touch down
and stay for a while.

A surprise is a surprise.
You will never know when it comes.
It’s the mystery you love the most.
And you can always find the things
to be grateful for…

a surprise is a surprise!
It thrills,
It chills,
Though it may kill

A surprise is a surprise.
You will never know when it comes.
One day you got Freshly-Pressed,
The next day you got your bag cleansed…
by a thief!

Ended with high fever and heavy cough for four days. Surprise!

[Photos taken at Lake Galilee, Israel, last year]


Silent Colors

Smiling in silence,
Greeting in silence,
It’s the colors that break the silence,
Shouting and laughing,
Drawing each attention to come near.

(pictures taken at Singapore Botanical Garden 2011)

Love never fails

So this is Valentine’s Day.
Many celebrate,
A few mock.
Should we celebrate?
Should we mock?
Or should we just leave it alone?
No one really cares…

Love is the only thing worth to celebrate
By the young and the old,
The hopeless and the hopeful,
The rich and the poor,
The ugly and the beautiful,
No one is immune
To the virus called love.

It touches,
It caresses,
It embraces
and not letting go.
It is absorbed
under the skin.
It flows in the blood,
Infused into every single cell alive.

It warms
and it calms,
It heals,
Drives away the fear,
Love never hurts,
Only people do.

Love never fails.



In my Grade 11 reading/writing class this week, we talked about a poem written by Bulat Okudzhava (1924-1997), a Russian folk singer and writer who also served as a soldier and knew all about war. His background as a soldier at war have brought him to write about the dark and negative side of war.

~ Don’t Believe in War ~

Don’t believe in war, lad,
you can never win a fight.
War constricts the heart, lad,
a pair of boots too tight.

Your mighty horses swift and true
will be no use at all
as, exposed upon a giant’s palm,
beneath musket shot you’ll fall.

Then I asked my Grade 11s to write the other version of this poem; seeing war from a different point of view: the victorious side of war. Here are their work:

~ Victory at War ~ (by Aviantara)

Believe in war, son,
Ahead of you there’s a destiny.
You’ll never know, son,
Great courage might result a victory.

Brave, your heart,
Prepare for the worst.
Defeat, all the enemies,
and shatter their blood into pieces.

~ Perseverance is the Key ~ (by Reine)

Protect the nation and its heir.
So, off to war with the right key.
Keep the perseverance in the warfare,
To fight and grab our victory.

~ War ~ (by Caeli)

We can win a fight in a war.
A war which has to defeat,
A war between poverty and hunger,
A war that can help people to eat.

Our might and our heart,
Can be used for others,
Without constricting our heart,
We can win the war to help others.

~ It’s Your Turn! ~ (by Clarissa)

Never stop believing
Never stop trying
The useless thing is worrying
The second one is crying

Be brave and take your right back!
Do the revenge and believe in war!
Time to take the victory back
Survive and defeat the giant of the war!

For a thousand years…

I found this song as a beautifully-written poem…
(I didn’t watch the movie, and I don’t think I need to)

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