Keeping your root at home
is keeping your root at heart.
It will be with you
wherever you go.
Your root is your solid ground,
on which you stand tall and strong.
Your root is your pulse,
bringing life into your being.
Love it.
Live it.

“Tumpeng – Nasi Kuning” Typical Indonesian meal mostly cooked for any kind ofcelebrations. Yellow steamed rice garnished with green herbs and flowery carrots. Accompanied by side dishes like fried chicken and vegetables.
Tumpeng. Nasi kuning (yellow steamed rice with its garnish and side dishes)
Colorful woven bamboo fruit basket
This one for making macha.  We love macha!
Cups for macha
“Ikat” behind the Lollipop Lamp
“Dancing couple”
Orchid and Ikat