Pause for a Cause!

Pause for a cause!

Think about what concerns you the most…

Pause for a moment!

Think about what’s important…

Life is not just about you,

If you pause to see what’s around you.

Love, help and care,

Are like water, shelter and air

For those in despair.

Size does not matter

When you share.

Nothing is too petite,

When it comes as a good deed.

My sister has started a “Pet Project” in her self-built business ( ). It’s blending the heritage preservation and giving back to the community – I am proud of what she does. Jojo the monkey, Goomba the orangutan, Cuddly the bear, Maow the turtle, and Dumpling the dragon. These cuties are made of Indonesian traditional fabric “batik” and “lurik” by a group of inspirational Mute and Deaf people from Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. This project helps provide income for them.


Jojo the monkey (in brown batik) & Goomba the orangutan (in blue batik)


Cuddly the bear (in blue batik and pink lurik)


Maow the turtle (in orange batik and creme lurik)


Dumpling the dragon (in brown batik and creme lurik)



5 thoughts on “Pause for a Cause!

  1. Capturing Light says:

    Fanny hello….
    I love these litle creatures and the story behind them.
    Are they for sale? Let me know and we’ll see if we can work something out.
    A friend of mine is in trouble and your preface is what I did today….i completely paused to be there for her….even though she is hundreds of miles away.

    Cheers to you
    Take care

    • Fanny Mandik the Plain Steam Rice says:

      Hi SueAnn,
      Aren’t they just too cute to be missed??? hahaha…
      Please have a look at – it’s my sister’s new website. She just sent some to the US last week.

      Pausing for a while just to be there for the ones who need us – especially our close circles – always gives our lives a deeper meaning, right? So glad to know that there are still people who care for others 😀

      Have a great week ahead!

      • Capturing Light says:

        Hi Fanny
        there will always be people who care and want to lend a helping hand. to be compassionate and make the world a better place. I’m talking to one of those humans right now. ( :
        oooh I’m excited. I will check out your sister site. thanks!
        Have a great week too!

  2. Capturing Light says:

    I contacted your sister ….kinda excited to get my hands on a couple little monkey’s for gifts!!!

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