O how I …

O how I crave for blogging

After swimming and drowning

In the midst of the sea of paper

Up to the surface now for some fresh air

O how I miss the fun

Of juggling and playing with words

Turning them upside down

Make them sound poetic, tho’ sometimes absurd!

O how I long for more …

Of free time,

And quiet time,

To be alone … with my darling blog!


8 thoughts on “O how I …

  1. Capturing Light says:

    You took the words right from my mouth…..yes free time. Where did it go?
    Lovely words.

    • jeffscholnick says:

      I have to confess that I probably work on my blog just about every day now. I tell people that it is like a little garden in the blogosphere that needs constant watering and weeding. I am trying to learn Spanish for my work as an attorney, so, with my blog (Spanish4Lawyers.com), I can study every day and hopefully help other attorneys who are trying to learn Spanish. Sorry, I am not trying to advertise my blog, I am just saying that it is a wonderful way to pursue your passion, hobby, or a worthy goal on a daily basis. Best of luck to both of you in your endeavors and passions.

      • Fanny Mandik the Plain Steam Rice says:

        Couldn’t agree more, Jeff!
        You’re right, it’s exactly like a garden πŸ™‚
        Thanks for shaing your passion, I appreciate it. It doesn’t sound like advertising to me; you’re simply sharing your passion. I feel you! Lol. I’ll surely visit your blog because I once learned Spanish as well. It must be an interesting blog to see πŸ˜€

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