This poem is written by my grade-11 student, Reine Prihandoko, as a part of the exam chain. 

What is ‘language’ actually?

Some people find it silly,

Others use it as a motion

to express one’s intention.


‘Language’ makes me confused.

Now I have to make a ‘language’ poem to amuse

the teacher who knows linguistic feature,

For she is holding my future.


So here goes my poem about languages,

That are used by people of all ages.

From Tokyo, Somalia, Puerto Rico to Rome,

Your mother tongue language will feel like home.


Language is to communicate,

to be connected, too, they said.

Whether it is spoken or gestured,

It is the intention they captured.


For English you take a bow,

but German you consider as a foe,

Whether a language is good or bad,

It depends on you, lad!