There were seasons where I found the path I walked along
Was unbearably long and boring
Plain and dull all along
Not the one that made me jumping and prancing

But there were times when it was festive
With colors and lights
People here and there, very supportive
Made my travel seem light

There were times when it was escalating
Going higher and higher
As if I was afraid of nothing
Facing the world to conquer

And yea I walked through the tunnel
Boxed and quiet
I had to kneel down and struggle
To find the exit

Whoa yes, there were roadblocks!
Draining my energy out of stock!
Somehow leading my head to be creative
And so inventing alternatives!

Then I was led to a another path
With sand and breeze all along
Strolled down on bare feet
Very laid-back, no pressure at all

But, no matter how, no matter what,
I always find this serene path
At the very heart of my Track-Maker
And the companions whom I love the most…