How do you measure perfection in life?

By having all the wealth you want?

And all the long-awaited dreams coming true?

Or not having any hardship at all?

Everything goes well?

I see my life, and look at others’.

Here are what I find:

Some have fame among friends, adored like a diva.

Some have all the wealth and fortune I could only imagine…

Some have everything comes into life as easy as drinking water.

Some struggles and strife all their life and turn stingy.

Some walk in denial and mock, for the sake of status and acceptance.


I look into my life… again.

Sometimes I struggle, sometimes I strife.

Sometimes things come and go as smooth as silk.

Sometimes I get what I want, sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes friends surround me, sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh.


I discover


No one has my life.

Only I, fit my life.

This life of ups and downs suits me well.

And I learn


Perfection is only a gratitude away.