I asked my Grade 10 writing class to interpret the painting below. And here are some of the wonderful writings…

Savannah by William Rumanta

I stood here by myself
Green and blue filled my sight
Looked at the wind, flowing around the sky
I could hear how it whispered to me
The way it flew through the grass
Looked at the grass, it was dancing with each other
I could also smell them through the air
The trees, the grass, and the clouds in the sky
Made me stay for a longer time on this savannah

~ * ~

Grey Skies and Windy Breeze by Mikhael Alden

I was out for a stroll when I could not help but admire, the beautiful sight of grasslands mixed with grey windy skies. It seemed like a painting come to life, the grey skies were covered with clouds, with a smidgen of blue. It was accompanied by perfect windy breeze that was neither strong nor light, perhaps somewhere in between. But they alone would not complete this fine scenery.
The grasslands looked more lively under the shade of the grey skies.
And the windy breeze blew the grassfields back and forth as if it was a rocking chair.
All of these calmed my senses. I felt at peace with mother earth.
All thanks to these grey skies and windy breeze.

~ * ~

The Plain Field by Marsya Sekar

I was walking down the countryside taking in the view around me.
Everything was beautiful and green. When suddenly the wind pushed me further down the road,
Taking me to a plain field as big as a football field.
I realised I was standing there so I sat in the middle of the field.
The wind whispered delicate things in my ears, sending shiver down my spine.
I held my coat tighter, inhaling the smell of the raw earth around me.
I looked up to the magical grey sky with grey clouds as fluffy as a grey cotton candy.
The plain field was so magical that I felt so relaxed and calmed,
only by sitting there enjoying the view.

~ * ~

Clifford Kort’s Painting

I just got back in my hometown this morning. I felt so cold.
Suddenly my mother gave me a cup of hot chocolate and some home-made cookies.
I sat in my terrace, and I suddenly remembered my secret baseball field when I was younger.
I ran to the field as fast as I could. I couldn’t really remember the way there.
And I found an old baseball ball. I picked up the ball and remembered,
the sound of the children crowd, the smell of pie that our mothers used to make,
the green and comfortable field, and the happy and excited feeling.
That memory brought me nostalgia.
But now, there is only a muddy field with the smell of pollution.

~ * ~

Grassland by David Jody

I saw a purple wide sky with white clouds moving slowly,
A wide grassland surrounded by lining trees around me,
I heard the sound of wind whispering in my ear,
The sound of birds that sometimes crossed over from left to right,
I felt so free. I felt the world is so wide.

~ * ~

Jesivinica Santoso’s Painting

Struggling to find my way home, and I was led here.
To this really beautiful landscape, the place that I had never been to.
I felt freedom mixed with anxiety.
The wind blew over my face, as if it whispered, “You are safe.”
As I looked up to the sky, it was pretty dark. I could even smell the raindrops were about to come.
The wind blew even harder, left me hanging with the promise that he gave .
I felt no longer free, as I realized I was trapped, and alone.
There was nothing there, just me and the bushes that were about three miles far.
I really missed home. I missed my sister’s laughter.
While all that I could hear there was just the sound of the wind rushing through my empty soul
and mocking about how stupid I was for leaving home just for the fake wealth.
I felt the raindrops attacking my body, as these tear drops flowing down to the earth.
Why should have I felt bad at this really beautiful place?
It didn’t deserve any sadness.
I wanted to go home, please lead me the way to my home.

~ * ~

Open Sky by Thenevia

This sky is beautiful, everybody there will feel really free.
You can see the huge sky with the mixed clouds like a fire movement.
You can feel the air blowing to your body, brings out all your problems in a second.
Really feel the peace in every breath you take.
The grass smell and air combined to be one, makes a difficult sensation that you can’t describe.
It sounds “hzzzzz…” or other with the loud scale.

~ * ~

Grey Windy Sky by Glenn Tanuredja

Running lonely in the open field feeling like a free man that had been out from jail,
Grey and white clouds covering the sky with the wind flowing around the field
make the grass dancing.
The smell of fresh air covers my nose,
The sound of a pack of birds migrating to another place,
The bright sun makes all things clear, except the darkness of the forest,
When I ran across the forest, it felt like someone was looking at me,
I see something three miles in front of me,
I hope it is a paradise that I have been looking for.

~ * ~

Jeremy Wicaksono’s Painting

I was lost in the woods, looking for a way out.
Walking through thick vegetation I finally found something down a ledge somewhere.
I tried to reach it but the gravel made me slip and fall, rolling down that ledge.
When I got up, I noticed a wide space free of trees, a stretch of hairy ground, waving,
caressed by the gentle wind. I took wide steps towards the middle of that field. I sat down, observed. That moment, that place, I thought, I figured out what peace really meant.
I then lied down and looked up. The sky was full of moderate passing, thick buttery clouds.
They were beautiful. It was like a movie, fueled by my imagination. The shapes were so alive.
All I remembered hearing was the wind blowing by my face, messing my hair. I loved it.
I loved that feeling of relief, I felt that nothing else mattered.
Too bad reality came back and ruined it all. Because before I knew it, a helicopter that was passing by found me. But then I was happy to be rescued after all, because I realized I could have died there, lying on my back. Bound to the ground, hypnotized by the pretty clouds.

~ * ~

The Field by Kristian

On this field, I can feel the strong wind flowing through my veins.
I see many trees surrounding this field.
It is very peaceful, and makes me want to sleep in this field.
Alone and far from my busy day.
I love the smell of this field, the smell of non-polluted air.
I can hear the trees singing to me, telling me to stay here
and protect them from the harmful human activities.
The sky is very big. As big as the sea.
Bless the Lord, for giving this beautiful nature for us.

~ * ~

Open Field by Jovandi

I went to the open field to fly a kite on a windy sky,
Without anyone beside me, it was the time I felt free.
The grey sky with breezy wind, the green trees around, made me feel comfortable.
Singing birds and dancing plants were also enjoying the time.
Blowing wind smelled so fresh.
Small flowers and dry land brought me high from the land.
I was having a great time with nature, and my kite could fly high, as high as the plane.
Everyone should have a time to feel the nature around them,
So they could keep and take care of them.