Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs


February 2014

Why do I prefer to write manually?

Because scribbling the note

on a piece of smooth and blank paper can be an antidote

for the restless mind, just like listening to an anecdote.

While the hand can govern

each line, each shape, each size, and font,

to write whatever I want.

And the intimate bond between my thoughts

and every single stroke,

really is bespoke.




To my darling sister on her valentine birthday

Once you said,

Happiness is homemade,

It is well-said,

For our beloved clade


May your life spread more fragrance,

To all human in every distance,

As it becomes an outstanding stance,

Wherever they find your cheerful presence.


May your abs be as tight as Mrs. Rossdale,

As you always beat the weight scale,

Turns the head of male and female,

And never let yourself turn frail.

Happy 45th birthday!





Chinese New Year at Jin De Juang Temple, Jakarta

As the candles were lit,

So were the hopes of the inner spirit,

Whispering to the flame,

The yearning heart of those who came,

For the smoke to carry the message of their hearts,

As the new year starts,

The hope of peace and prosperity,

Overcoming each adversity,

God be gracious,

To us, His most precious.

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Jin De Juang Temple is the oldest and the largest temple in Jakarta.

It was built in 1650.

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