Day 31 in 2017

The forceful wind has blown the spine away 

And all along the spark is drifting away 

What is wrong? 

I don’t know.

Perhaps the fire has been quenched too. 

Nowhere to go; no one to turn to. 

Can I just drowse in Timbuktu? 

Just for a while… 

Just for a while… 


Day 30 in 2017

The red and white archipelago is the sacred heirloom,   

Where my heart and soul are rooted deeply and bloom.  

My devotion is too tenacious to be quaked,

Or to let any ignoramus stand and break

The venerable legacy that has invigorated the land.

Indonesia, my homeland. 

Day 27 in 2017

Another day of battle 

Here in the land of the unsettle. 

The hot seat makes people brittle 

While millions of eyes whistle. 

Jakarta, the land of the hopeful 

Where millions strife to be powerful;

Meekness is an oasis in the desert of the hateful.

May grace quenches the fire of the mistrustful.