Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs


February 2017

Day 59 in 2017

Then commence anew 

What you thought cannot be started.


Means you don’t park in a curfew. 

Follow the signs and drive to depart. 

Welcoming March 

The month of more miracles. 

March forward! 

Gandaria City parking lot

Day 58 in 2017

The path is long 

And probably winding. 

Keep on running 

While the great light is shining. 

Our giant shadows are the chaperones  

Who run along flatly with no bones .

You never run alone. 

Day 57 in 2017

Sleep tight, little boy 

Deep in your jungle of adventure. 

Let your dream guide you, little boy 

Deep in the vast ocean of your future. 

Day 56 in 2017

Green door, green door, 

What do you keep? 

Such a regal, you enthrone before 

The crowd of green heap. 

Day 55 in 2017

Standing tall towards the night sky,

It’s breaking the darkness with  the lights ready to fly.

It charms the eyes of the beholder, 

Such a magnificent sculpture!

Day 54 in 2017

Under construction

Is sabbatical. 

Being out of the ordinary 

Ushers you to another horizon, a new scenery. 

Be stoical,

During the wait for something historical. 

(another delayed) Day 53 in 2017

It rains 


All is drenched. 

You’ve got no option. 

I love seeing 

How everything 

Seems to get textured 

From the window.


Day 52 in 2017

Wet and watery.

No warmth whatsoever. 

Watching the water washed 

Our world almost the whole week,

Worries have wakened the will-less from the willy-nilly. 

And we wonder what went wrong 

When this wrenched wonderland got water-soaked…

Do you see any question mark around? 

No. Only exclamation ones to warn us. 

Day 51 in 2017

Anomaly is quotidian. 

It raises perspective among the median. 

Whether it’s unique, or defiant, 

Love shall embrace it, in the end. 

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