Two of my students wrote…


Rain will fall without sunshine and sunshine will appear without rain,  but it takes both rain and sunshine to create a beautiful rainbow. Conjures a long round bridge over the sky above us  with no end and limit, my eyes couldn’t bear to move away from that incredible color spectrum. 

When I tried to come near, it went further away like it’s running from me. When I thought I’d arrive on the edge, it disappeared right before my eyes to the vast open sky. I told myself that it is only a reflection but my brain and heart told me to touch it. 

The rainbow comes after a thunderstorm, telling us to work hard and feel the pain before you harvest the joy and feel the gain. The rainbow cuts the wide atmosphere and makes a huge gate to impress and brings happiness to people beneath it. That’s why I love this kind of light dispersion. 

(Gregorius Never) 


As all the tears from the sky falls,  a peak of heaven comes striking with all its divine beauty, rainbow would tell you that things will be fine and beautiful in the end. It always comes after the rain with the help of the sun, and would stretch its body around like a seal that protects those who live beneath. 

Rainbow is an arc of spectral colors: red,  orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. It helps us to know the colors and how light works. Later after we discover the rainbow we find out that it is an attitude from the sunlight that travels as refractive dispersion in drops of rain or mist. 

I remember how captivating it was to look upon a rainbow that was crawling over my house. It was magical and dream-like to see a rainbow. Even now, as a grown up, I wouldn’t mind to search where the end of a rainbow is, and live there. 

(Brigitta Globin Angela)