Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs


April 2017

Day 120 in 2017

They say it’s auuwsome to be here,

Diving into a vast ocean of books 

With human fish swimming all around, 

Trying to get the hook, 

Devouring the printing bound by bound.

Young and old of any sort,

Submerged in their own stacks of books,  

And they read happily ever after…

It’s an annual humongous book sale in the city.


Day 119 in 2017

Solitude is golden. 

It’s when you take pleasure in yourself, 

Being who you are.

It’s when you shower yourself 

With love and attention, 


Day 118 in 2017

Speed up as the road is clear,

With street lights lining up,

Lighting the way, front and rear.

Brace yourself for whatever comes up.   

Day 117 in 2017

When queries fill the sphere, 

But all you can find is shadow, 

They turn into a cloud of doubt,

Then dissipates in no air.  

Day 116 in 2017

No, I’m not in the mood for contemplating,

Nor feeling.

I’m just here as a being,

Without much thinking.

Like the Koi freely swimming,

Without worry about anything.

Day 115 in 2017

There are roads less travelled.

Quiet and isolated. 

You’ll find no crowd, 

Nor any feast arranged.

Just you, and the road, 

And the sun beaming the warmth you need 

Every now and then, so that 

You know you’re not forgotten.  

Day 114 in 2017

Pillows as soft as a dreamy lullaby, 

Carry you to another dimension in their comfort. 

Rest, and enjoy what the time provides as a supply:

The present being of your sort. 

Day 113 in 2017

How we are always humbled by reading, 

As we look into ourselves, 

And discover our debt in learning. 

So, always spare some book shelves 

For more adventures found in well-rounded writing! 

It’s International Book Day!

Day 112 in 2017

Into the gate of new hope 

We’re advancing. 

Wondering what to cope

Behind the gate awaiting.   

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