Day 151 in 2017

Life couldn’t be that straight;

You’ll get tangled or entangled, 

At one point or another. 

Some are as easy as going from seven to eight, 

Some are choking, they get you strangled, 

That only grace can be the savior. 


Day 150 in 2017

One knows not when a bud is formed, 

But believes it shall come forth, 

When one waters it day by day. 

One knows not when a bud springs, 

Maybe in the dark of nights, 

Or in the bright of mornings.

One knows not,

But shall believe. 

Day 149 in 2017

Goliath stood up and mock

Anyone who would listen to and believe him. 

He sounded loud, 

He seemed gigantic, 

But the size of the giant is measured 

By how much you believe in him.  

┬áDay 148 in 2017

A girl peacefully fell into a slumber at noon,

While the sun was shouting harshly out there,

And the wind has hidden somewhere behind the moon, 

Or perhaps swallowed by the angry sun up there. 

The cooled sphere wrapped her like a cocoon, 

Saved her from the cruel heat she couldn’t bear, 

Kept her from falling into a swoon, 

And let her indulge in her peaceful slumber. 

Day 146 in 2017

There will be time when you realize 

That you have touched down your lifetime dream.

It’s not arriving though, if you come to realize,  

But you are constantly on the stream.

Dreams come true over the course of life. 

One by one, phase by phase, they are made alive. 

Never cease to dream, 

For when you dream, 

You are alive! 

Day 145 in 2017

Early risers get the most, 

As the hard work pays off;

Morning trade is always certain, 

As certain as the sunrise.

Early risers get the best, 

As customers round up like a circle graph; 

Early trade is predominant, 

It puts one on the rise.