Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 324 in 2017

Will you be there, when no one will?

In the world where no one perceive the mind,

In the world where solitude is the atmosphere,

Will you go there?

Supporting HOPE for mental health.


(Delayed) 322 in 2017

Being forced to park in ombre is a misery,

While one realizes that the light has shown the way,




Until the engine started.

(Delayed) Day 317 in 2017

Your love story with life,

Set the quality of your life.

Are you deeply in love with it?

Or is it love and hate relationship?

(Delayed) Day 316 in 2017

What do you do when you are buried in the dark?

Are you also going to bury the spark?

Even the most feeble spark

Can keep you alive in the dark.

Day 307 in 2017

Think anyone can see through your inner being?

With a bare visage,

Under the light – sans any cage?

The eyes are the most revealing,

How the ocean within are calmed down,

As your coming journey is at the dawn.

Day 306 in 2017

Blurry lights are absurd,

Just like your heart,

Dunno what you are picturing,

With those blurry feelings.

Day 304 in 2017

Waking up not liking yourself,

You climb up the rest of the day into a dark sky;

A labor in vain for a pitiful self,

Spending the day in silent cry.

(Delayed) Day 293 in 2017

To commune is wise,

As one can never live alone,

Though one is standing alone,

One needs to take and give the vibe.

(Delayed) Day 288 in 2017

Dreaming of walking on the clouds,

Overpassing reality,

On the way towards the next reality,

Under the blue sky – on top of the steps, standing proud.

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