┬áDay 148 in 2017

A girl peacefully fell into a slumber at noon,

While the sun was shouting harshly out there,

And the wind has hidden somewhere behind the moon, 

Or perhaps swallowed by the angry sun up there. 

The cooled sphere wrapped her like a cocoon, 

Saved her from the cruel heat she couldn’t bear, 

Kept her from falling into a swoon, 

And let her indulge in her peaceful slumber. 

Day 142 in 2017

Giants are always intimidating, 

For they look down on you, 

Belittling you.

They speak size and muscles.

Then how do you conquer giants?

Speak purpose, content and functions.

You may not bring down the giants, 

But you make yourself unbeatable. 

Day 133 in 2017

What can you get in a space? 

A room to breathe every inspiration there is; 

A ground to grow every imagination that comes; 

A seat to  brainstorm every dream you dare not to seize. 

All you need is a space.   

Day 105 in 2017

I guess airports have got the toughest heart, 

Silently watching people come and go,

And none of them are staying. 

I believe airports have got the biggest heart, 

Sincerely wishing those who leave them an enjoyable journey, 

Knowing they may never come back,

And would likely to forget them.