Plain Steamed Rice

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Artistic Interior

(Delayed) Day 317 in 2017

Your love story with life,

Set the quality of your life.

Are you deeply in love with it?

Or is it love and hate relationship?


(Delayed) Day 315 in 2017

The eyes in despair cannot see the window,

Of hope and new beginning;

The eyes in despair can only see now,

The closed door in waiting.

(Delayed) Day 274 in 2017

Sitting quietly in the corner,

Silently converse with the self,

At the edge of losing the passion burner,

One questions the accountability of self.

(Delayed) 256 in 2017

Starlight watches over you in obscurity,

Shines gracefully downward and beyond.

Modular brightness begets clarity,

Declaring the oomph to the world around.

(Delayed) Day 234 in 2017

I am roofed under your love,

Uncaged and left open,

But secure and safe,

For your heart keeps it plain.

Day 204 in 2017 

In the name of life, 

Every single stroke breathes meaning, 

Interlocking one pixel with another in strife, 

And then wraps the sphere in streaming. 

(Delayed) Day 198 in 2017

Life could get static once in a while. 

Make it stunning instead of getting stuck. 

Don’t keep grudges in a pile. 

Being happy is not a luck. 

Day 175 in 2017

The living flames breathe by the silent window.

As the night gets deeper and darker, 

The flames do not fall asleep, 

As if the sphere needed to be lit up. 

 Day 148 in 2017

A girl peacefully fell into a slumber at noon,

While the sun was shouting harshly out there,

And the wind has hidden somewhere behind the moon, 

Or perhaps swallowed by the angry sun up there. 

The cooled sphere wrapped her like a cocoon, 

Saved her from the cruel heat she couldn’t bear, 

Kept her from falling into a swoon, 

And let her indulge in her peaceful slumber. 

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