Day 218 in 2017

O magnificent firmament,

See me walking on water gutsily,

Towards the uncharted territory,

Surmounting cluelessness and disappointment.


Day 200 in 2017

Encircling the focus 

Is to lock the heart at it. 

None other than you could 

See what’s being locked. 

See to it. 

See through it. 

Don’t let the eyes blink out of it,

Even for a split second; 

Or they’ll get distracted 

And never come back at it. 

Day 186 in 2017

The voluminous curious minds, 

Equipped with little mettlesome hands,

And liberating laughter abound.

To edify is channeling the charm of the learners,

As chanting the imminent prophetic verse,

About the unflagging bridge builders. 

Day 134 in 2017

“Listen to me,”

Said the little girl, in confidence.

“I have a voice; 

It might be tiny, but never insignificant.

It’s the voice of hope, wrapped in faith,

Believing it shall make a difference,

For the sake of my fellow beings, 

Now and in the years to come.”

She lifted her hand, 

And raised her voice again, 

In determination, 

“Listen to my voice!”