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colorful life

(Delayed) Day 340 in 2017

I make poems – both good and bad,

I take pride in the good ones,

And bear the shame of the bad ones,

Just like dealing with life!


(Delayed) Day 328 in 2017

The colors of compassion,

Are infinite.

No border can reject the compassion,

When one is determined to spread it.

(Delayed) Day 326 in 2017

We imagine, so we live;

We live, so we create;

The heart blows a fulfilling life,

With satisfaction and contentment.

Day 302 in 2017

Weekend walks in willingly,

Whooping with warmhearted works;

While we’ve been waiting without worrying,

Wisdom will water the words.

(Delayed) Day 281 in 2017

The temple contains heartfelt prayers;

Recited towards the open heaven,

Among the clouds of faith for the answers,

And the lights of hope without end.

(Delayed) Day 270 in 2017

An array of little lights,

Turns the stern black sky tender;

As an array of little kindhearted acts,

Turns the stern darkened heart brighter.

(Delayed) Day 269 in 2017

What fill in my Monday head,

Are more crowded than the zillions of cells,

Striving for life in spite of being afraid,

That among all that I love and do, I can’t excell.

(Delayed) Day 253 in 2017

The lights paint the nocturnal canvas,

With vibes that constraint to slumber;

A masquerade ball trying to tranquilize the chaos,

Within the very hearts of the wanderers.

(Delayed) Day 247 in 2017

Purity is timeless,

As innocence is untouchable,

It naively expresses,

Anything unimaginable.

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