Day 193 in 2017

The beach always sounds soothing

To the anxious hearts, corroded by the deadly deadlines. 

The vastness never fails to relieve 

The weary souls, cramped by the concrete jungle. 

Freedom surfs,

As one chases the waves down and breaks with them. 

No rules; just be free!  

Day 141 in 2017

The freckles on my cheeks are my constant companions,  

Who never leave me no matter what;

Under the rain, 

Under the sun.  

The freckles on my cheeks are my reliable witness, 

On both affliction and gratification that life has spat,

In pain,

In fun. 

Life is full of freckles. 

You hate them, but they’re a part of you. 

Would you deny them? or embrace? 

For they make you as you.