Day 134 in 2017

“Listen to me,”

Said the little girl, in confidence.

“I have a voice; 

It might be tiny, but never insignificant.

It’s the voice of hope, wrapped in faith,

Believing it shall make a difference,

For the sake of my fellow beings, 

Now and in the years to come.”

She lifted her hand, 

And raised her voice again, 

In determination, 

“Listen to my voice!”  


Day 128 in 2017

We sat at the corner, 

And talked, and talked, and talked 

Like an open tap of water.

The words were incessantly uttered.

There in the thick air, 

The beverage has evaporated …

But not the words. 

Day 125 in 2017

Walk the night away, 

After the rain has stopped dancing,

Along the watery pathway. 

Tell me the story worth revealing, 

The truth about the passing day.

About what love has been growing, 

In your brightly blue sky. 

Has it grown teardrop out of striving? 

Or sweat for the lack of supply? 

Tell me about what the sun has been hearing, 

From the chatterbox birds that fly,

Over the land that has been dreaming, 

Of the warmth of May. 

Tell me more as I am listening, 

Tell me more, you shan’t be shy. 

Day 23 in 2017

A night discourse among the gleam,

Brings out the zeal and makes the countenance beam.

The lights as fireflies from afar, they seem, 

Sparkling on the black canvas of our dream. 

Day 9 in 2017 

It’s Monday again. 

Time to go for another round,

Wondering what to gain

Among the life mound.

But chunks of advice are always at hand

For anyone in the urge to learn. 

Here’s what I wrote while encountering the morn:

“Dear students,  

The capacity to learn is a gift. 

The ability to learn is a skill. 

But the willingness to learn is a choice.
Choose wisely and have fun 

As long as you roam under the sun.”



A lone lulling lamp in the middle of the lounge

Told two timid armchairs to stand still

While it launched a long lingering lullaby for the three tall tulips

Who were waving at the seven silent square frames on the white wall

As the six family photo frames watched

The rain roaring and running down wildly outside the window in a free fall…

It’s a noisy conversation in tight lips.