Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 217 in 2017

Dismount yourself from the galloping burden,

To float away from the noises,

Get soaked and own the blank spaces,

For it’s only you, the sea and the sun.

Never lose sight of the infinity,

For it serves you with the invisible promises,

That had come as the reliable premises,

Before each comes into reality.


Day 138 in 2017

Oh how I miss December,

When the warmth of love radiates my universe,

As the little lights shine through the entire house. 

The heart jumps up the moment I greet each morning, 

As if surprises await around the corner, 

Waiting for me to chant my wish verse. 

The joy causes my life to arouse, 

In the festive days like Spring. 

The heart is like the sky

The heart is like the sky

It’s where the weather comes from

Rain or shine,

Bright or gloomy,

Grey or blue,

Windy or stormy,

It makes the day.

The heart is like the sky,

The living canopy that covers the universe

People come and go,

People grow, live and die,

United and broken,

It’s the living witness

That keeps the record of life.

The heart is like the sky,

Faithful ’til the end,

No matter what,

It’s here to stay,

Night and day,

January to May,

June to December,

As long as you can remember,

The true companion.



My husband took these pics in Belitung Island, Sumatra.


Hustle bustle,

Busy dizzy,

Shouting, dancing, prancing, waiting,

Standing, walking, running, hopping,

You can do just about anything.

Colors here, colors there, colors everywhere…

On make-up, on costumes, on about everything,

Backstage feels like Christmas tree!















It’s the end of December, it’s the end of the year…


It’s the end of December,

and I haven’t posted anything.

I was busy, I got sick,

hospitalized for three days

t’was really something.

Got three packs of blood,

to increase the haemo level,

got to eat lots of food,

yes, to increase the haemo level!

It’s the end of December,

favorite month of the year.

It’s my birthday, it’s Christmas,

all can be found in one month.

I love presents, all around,

birthday is for receiving,

Christmas is for the giving,

both are the symbols of affection,

to and from me.

It’s the end of December,

Got a MacBook for my birthday,

Yippie yey, yippie yo, yippie yay!

Promise myself to blog everyday

and shoot more pics

even when I’m sick!

It’s the end of the year,

have been thinking and contemplating,

on how 2011 has treated me,

and vice versa…

now I’m wondering,

how 2012 will treat me,

and vice versa…

Learned a lot in 2011,

and will surely learn more in 2012.


it’s the end of December,

it’s the end of the year.

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