Day 176 in 2017

When there’s nothing you can do, 

When there’s no where else to move, 

Get yourself a pair of sunglasses and earphones, 

Chill out and enjoy the ride, 

Yes, life is indeed unpredictable! 

Day 138 in 2017

Oh how I miss December,

When the warmth of love radiates my universe,

As the little lights shine through the entire house. 

The heart jumps up the moment I greet each morning, 

As if surprises await around the corner, 

Waiting for me to chant my wish verse. 

The joy causes my life to arouse, 

In the festive days like Spring. 

Day 111 in 2017

There is no such force 

As powerful as a woman 

Empowering girls

To be twice as strong as her. 

This is my mother. Today is Kartini day – Indonesian heroine who fought for the emancipation of women.

Day 101 in 2017

It’s National Siblings Day, they say –

A kind reminder of how much God loves me. 

We’re all different from one another, 

Yet we’re the same in loving one another. 

We have our own circle of friends, 

Yet we circle one another with affection. 

We walk separate paths in life, 

Yet we never leave one another behind. 

We grow into disparate flowers, 

Yet we come from the same root. 

Our late Papap was taking a picture of his three daughters on my wedding day, back in 2000.