Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 313 in 2017

Sing your heart out, young girl,

Never let anyone stop you singing,

In bright days, or in dark swirl,

Let your voice ring!


(Delayed) Day 285 in 2017

Falling asleep

When the sun is still having a good time,

One shall dream the noon indulgence,

For which the weary soul craves.

(Delayed) Day 275 in 2017

Lenses, lenses on the wall,

Who’s the cutest of them all?

The future is assuredly forming,

As the sun that shines every morning.

(Delayed) Day 267 in 2017

The anticipated Saturday snooze,

Notoriously causes one’s mood to ooze,

Deliberately floats the mood,

Among the breeze, the couch, and comfort food!

(Delayed) Day 261 in 2017

Now and forever the bloodline reigns,

Overpowering the strife.

Let the caring heart be the home,

From where one embarks to life.

(Delayed) Day 257 in 2017

Hit the harmony billow,

Let me linger a little longer,

Among the breeze and the window,

And the lullaby prancing in the air.

(Delayed) Day 251 in 2017

The light shall always find you,

You, little hidden precious gem.

It never loses sight of you,

You, little brave warrior who stands firm.

(Delayed) Day 246 in 2017

She is the queen of the rising sun,

As the sun rises on her presence,

Shines cheerfully from her countenance,

And generously gives the pale some tan.

Day 243 in 2017

Arsitektur yang Lain – Sebuah Kritik Arsitektur (The Other Architecture – An Architecture Criticism)

By Avianti Armand

Di dunia yang dihantui 2F -Fame and Fortune- arsitektur yang lain ini memang sebuah jalan yang sepi. Tapi selalu ada pengelana yang mencari bukan keduanya. Mungkin sesuatu yang lebih sejati yang memang tak mudah didapat. Mungkin perjalanan itu sendiri.

(p. 121)

In the world haunted by the 2F -Fame and Fortune- the other architecture is an unpopular road. But there is always wanderer who looks for either one of them. Perhaps the veracious thing which is not easy to gain. Perhaps the journey itself.

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