Day 221 in 2017

One would never thought that,

Something unexpectedly breathtaking,

Could come out of the shambles pot,

Confusing, yet mind blowing.


Day 215 in 2017

The glorious living painting speaks of itself.





It tones down the sun,

Who bombards the innocent morning,

With its intense light.

Welcome back, daylight!

Day 138 in 2017

Oh how I miss December,

When the warmth of love radiates my universe,

As the little lights shine through the entire house. 

The heart jumps up the moment I greet each morning, 

As if surprises await around the corner, 

Waiting for me to chant my wish verse. 

The joy causes my life to arouse, 

In the festive days like Spring. 

Day 126 in 2017

Bright morning smiles gently, 

And you blossom timidly, 

In the corner of the garden, 

As if you just want to be hidden. 

Smile back at the kind morning, 

For it has so much to bring, 

To your seconds and minutes and hours.

Come out as who you are, beautiful flower.