Day 193 in 2017

The beach always sounds soothing

To the anxious hearts, corroded by the deadly deadlines. 

The vastness never fails to relieve 

The weary souls, cramped by the concrete jungle. 

Freedom surfs,

As one chases the waves down and breaks with them. 

No rules; just be free!  

Day 188 in 2017

Leave me alone, I’m reading.

I’m enjoying every note sung 

By every single letter written;

A beautiful harmony for the soul.  

Leave me alone, I’m soaking. 

I’m diving into a pool of insights 

Through every single word printed in;

A refreshing cleanser of the soul. 

Day 140 in 2017

Saturday morning sunshine peeps through the rows of guardian trees, 

Smiling gently at you,

And assures you about great things that are coming to pass.

You ask yourself about the path you’re walking through; 

Why is it hidden among the guardian trees? 

How would  anyone see the path? 

Who would  walk the path? 

The sun replies quietly, “It’s not your call to think about it”

Yes, listen to the sun.