Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 335 in 2017

Laughter expands your heart,

As it does to your lungs,

The oxygen of sincerity breathed in,

And revives the happiness cells within.


(Delayed) Day 334 in 2017

The ability to adjust is a gift,

Not everyone is willing to receive,

It takes a heart as vast as the ocean,

To make self adjustments.

(Delayed) Day 333 in 2017

When dawn wakes up,

And the sky is yawning,

Greet them with a warm smile,

Grinning from the fresh heart.

(Delayed) Day 332 in 2017

The heart is the eyes,

From where the mind perceives its sight,

Have you opened up your eyes?

(Delayed) Day 328 in 2017

The colors of compassion,

Are infinite.

No border can reject the compassion,

When one is determined to spread it.

(Delayed) Day 326 in 2017

We imagine, so we live;

We live, so we create;

The heart blows a fulfilling life,

With satisfaction and contentment.

(Delayed) Day 323 in 2017

Your smile shines brighter,

Than the sun ray from the window,

It makes life larger,

And the heart shall follow.

(Delayed) Day 319 in 2017

Hey skyscrapers, can you hear the unease on the street?

Rolling break-neckly on their rushing feet.

Hey skyscrapers, can you feel the vibe down there?

People dance both in misery and pleasure!

(Delayed) Day 317 in 2017

Your love story with life,

Set the quality of your life.

Are you deeply in love with it?

Or is it love and hate relationship?

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