(Delayed) Day 260 in 2017

Faithfulness glows in the caliginous invisibility.

It is seen among the unseen,

And felt when overcoming insecurity.

It’s about modesty, not how to win.


Day 243 in 2017

Arsitektur yang Lain – Sebuah Kritik Arsitektur (The Other Architecture – An Architecture Criticism)

By Avianti Armand

Di dunia yang dihantui 2F -Fame and Fortune- arsitektur yang lain ini memang sebuah jalan yang sepi. Tapi selalu ada pengelana yang mencari bukan keduanya. Mungkin sesuatu yang lebih sejati yang memang tak mudah didapat. Mungkin perjalanan itu sendiri.

(p. 121)

In the world haunted by the 2F -Fame and Fortune- the other architecture is an unpopular road. But there is always wanderer who looks for either one of them. Perhaps the veracious thing which is not easy to gain. Perhaps the journey itself.