Day 200 in 2017

Encircling the focus 

Is to lock the heart at it. 

None other than you could 

See what’s being locked. 

See to it. 

See through it. 

Don’t let the eyes blink out of it,

Even for a split second; 

Or they’ll get distracted 

And never come back at it. 

Day 199 in 2017

Welcoming the newest blooms,

With the sweetness of bright rose,

As they embark on a new mission, 

Through the labyrinth of transition, 

Like a complicated prose,

Trying to conquer the future as it blooms. 

Day 188 in 2017

Leave me alone, I’m reading.

I’m enjoying every note sung 

By every single letter written;

A beautiful harmony for the soul.  

Leave me alone, I’m soaking. 

I’m diving into a pool of insights 

Through every single word printed in;

A refreshing cleanser of the soul. 

Day 186 in 2017

The voluminous curious minds, 

Equipped with little mettlesome hands,

And liberating laughter abound.

To edify is channeling the charm of the learners,

As chanting the imminent prophetic verse,

About the unflagging bridge builders. 

Day 156 in 2017

Lounging around on Monday afternoon,

Just let the world turn around out there.

You can’t always get the moon, 

But your life is always there. 

Don’t give up so soon, 

Though time and chance sometimes seem unfair.

Day 149 in 2017

Goliath stood up and mock

Anyone who would listen to and believe him. 

He sounded loud, 

He seemed gigantic, 

But the size of the giant is measured 

By how much you believe in him.