Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 311 in 2017

There’s always a fruit hidden somewhere behind the leaves;

Don’t look for dead leaves,

For you’ll get nothing more than ashes;

Hunt for the hidden treasures!


Day 309 in 2017

What are you thinking about, silhouette?

Are you thinking about changing your tone?

But you never complain of being a silhouette,

Providing your beholder with perspective for their milestone.

Day 298 in 2017

Trust is not granted;

Trust is earned.

Work it; live it,

The passport for your continual journey.

Day 297 in 2017

The wall of wisdom always has the insight;

It may come in a resolved silence;

May it also in robust words at flight;

Either way, it always stands for its stance.

(Delayed) Day 289 in 2017

The heart is a mosaic of truth,

Where all that happened stay,

It purely keeps all as the truth,

And hard to let them go away.

(Delayed) Day 288 in 2017

Dreaming of walking on the clouds,

Overpassing reality,

On the way towards the next reality,

Under the blue sky – on top of the steps, standing proud.

(Delayed) Day 287 in 2017

Choices come like an ambush,

Never come alone,

Never give an easy push,

Cogitate well, and make a decision.

(Delayed) Day 286 in 2017

Humbly bow and greet changes,

As they enter through the door of your life.

Put on your smile instead of cringes,

As opportunities always escort the strife.

(Delayed) Day 283 in 2017

Inadequate feeling creeps in,

As one lacks of light;

Unable to find the insight,

Of the indispensable course one is on.

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