Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 342 in 2017

Never stop getting better,

Not than anyone,

But than your previous self,

Getting better is better than being the best.


(Delayed) Day 340 in 2017

I make poems – both good and bad,

I take pride in the good ones,

And bear the shame of the bad ones,

Just like dealing with life!

(Delayed) Day 334 in 2017

The ability to adjust is a gift,

Not everyone is willing to receive,

It takes a heart as vast as the ocean,

To make self adjustments.

(Delayed) Day 332 in 2017

The heart is the eyes,

From where the mind perceives its sight,

Have you opened up your eyes?

(Delayed) Day 327 in 2017

Why oh why,

Life is full of exams,

One can never avoid to be the prey,

Of the unforgiving terms.

(Delayed) 322 in 2017

Being forced to park in ombre is a misery,

While one realizes that the light has shown the way,




Until the engine started.

(Delayed) Day 321 in 2017

Get connected to reality,

One shall see the impossible.

Get connected to dreams,

Nothing is impossible!

Day 311 in 2017

There’s always a fruit hidden somewhere behind the leaves;

Don’t look for dead leaves,

For you’ll get nothing more than ashes;

Hunt for the hidden treasures!

Day 309 in 2017

What are you thinking about, silhouette?

Are you thinking about changing your tone?

But you never complain of being a silhouette,

Providing your beholder with perspective for their milestone.

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