Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 319 in 2017

Hey skyscrapers, can you hear the unease on the street?

Rolling break-neckly on their rushing feet.

Hey skyscrapers, can you feel the vibe down there?

People dance both in misery and pleasure!


(Delayed) Day 295 in 2017

Do you hear the buzz from each corner?

When all are so caught up around the table,

Deep into the mind of one another,

Ushered by the mind-blowing utterance, yet so simple.

(Delayed) Day 278 in 2017

Waiting for the birds to fly,

I toss the gleeful heart so high,

I’ve shed tears and let them dry,

All at the edge of my might.

(Delayed) Day 274 in 2017

Sitting quietly in the corner,

Silently converse with the self,

At the edge of losing the passion burner,

One questions the accountability of self.

(Delayed) Day 263 in 2017

The sun shines brighter when two agree;

And the day turns long and free.

The breeze sways cooler when two minds converge;

And the many lives emerge.

(Delayed) Day 257 in 2017

Hit the harmony billow,

Let me linger a little longer,

Among the breeze and the window,

And the lullaby prancing in the air.

Day 232 in 2017

Where the sky meets the sea,

Peace abounds,

And I swing in serenity,

Listening to you, gazing around.

Day 217 in 2017

Dismount yourself from the galloping burden,

To float away from the noises,

Get soaked and own the blank spaces,

For it’s only you, the sea and the sun.

Never lose sight of the infinity,

For it serves you with the invisible promises,

That had come as the reliable premises,

Before each comes into reality.

(delayed) Day 167 in 2017

She was terribly sick,

All she did was turning her ears to the soothing lyric,

In a charmingly-calming poetic song, 

Which she repeated all day long, 

And she forgot to write her own limerick! 

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