Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 329 in 2017

Shapes are full of meanings

When they are filled with favor,

Written with compassion,

Shaped by valor.


(Delayed) Day 324 in 2017

Will you be there, when no one will?

In the world where no one perceive the mind,

In the world where solitude is the atmosphere,

Will you go there?

Supporting HOPE for mental health.

(Delayed) Day 323 in 2017

Your smile shines brighter,

Than the sun ray from the window,

It makes life larger,

And the heart shall follow.

(Delayed) Day 317 in 2017

Your love story with life,

Set the quality of your life.

Are you deeply in love with it?

Or is it love and hate relationship?

Day 302 in 2017

Weekend walks in willingly,

Whooping with warmhearted works;

While we’ve been waiting without worrying,

Wisdom will water the words.

(Delayed) Day 282 in 2017

Ah, it’s raining again now…

And all I can see is watery windows,

With sprinkles that blur the sight,

And then delay the flight.

(Delayed) Day 271 in 2017

Stacks of stuff create patterns.

Stacks of ideas brew imagination.

Stacks of habit produce characters.

Stacks of love upgrade affection.

(Delayed) Day 267 in 2017

The anticipated Saturday snooze,

Notoriously causes one’s mood to ooze,

Deliberately floats the mood,

Among the breeze, the couch, and comfort food!

(Delayed) Day 241 in 2017

Into my ocean I dive back,

Where the vibe hydrates the lungs of my passion,

More than just streams of luck,

It’s where the wave rolls back again and again.

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