Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 302 in 2017

Weekend walks in willingly,

Whooping with warmhearted works;

While we’ve been waiting without worrying,

Wisdom will water the words.


(Delayed) Day 282 in 2017

Ah, it’s raining again now…

And all I can see is watery windows,

With sprinkles that blur the sight,

And then delay the flight.

(Delayed) Day 271 in 2017

Stacks of stuff create patterns.

Stacks of ideas brew imagination.

Stacks of habit produce characters.

Stacks of love upgrade affection.

(Delayed) Day 267 in 2017

The anticipated Saturday snooze,

Notoriously causes one’s mood to ooze,

Deliberately floats the mood,

Among the breeze, the couch, and comfort food!

(Delayed) Day 241 in 2017

Into my ocean I dive back,

Where the vibe hydrates the lungs of my passion,

More than just streams of luck,

It’s where the wave rolls back again and again.

(Delayed) Day 234 in 2017

I am roofed under your love,

Uncaged and left open,

But secure and safe,

For your heart keeps it plain.

Day 231 in 2017

A sacred union made in the sky,

Blissfully shines down the living,

Captured by the pure light,

Streaming down in chanting.

Day 216 in 2017

One seven.

It takes a whole lot of guts,

To walk down this route of one seven.

It costs tons of robust forgiveness,

To pass through this route of one seven.

Yet it grows a wholesome love,

Along this route of one seven.

Day 212 in 2017

I am your unfaltering keeper.

One dares not to harm you,

For my steadfastness will be your true defender,

And the tenacious shield to keep you.

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