Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 309 in 2017

What are you thinking about, silhouette?

Are you thinking about changing your tone?

But you never complain of being a silhouette,

Providing your beholder with perspective for their milestone.


Day 305 in 2017

The afternoon sunbeam is blinding,

Would you be able to see through?

The new month is coming,

Would you like to see it through?

Day 218 in 2017

O magnificent firmament,

See me walking on water gutsily,

Towards the uncharted territory,

Surmounting cluelessness and disappointment.

Day 172 in 2017

An Ode to the Birthday President 

You were once an impossible dream for the nation,

An uncustomary diamond,

And exceptional phenomenon. 

Working your fingers to the bone, 

You are giving yourself as a person, 

More than just a president.

It still feels like a dream turned on;

Thank you, and happy birthday, Mr. President! 

President Joko Widodo 

Day 139 in 2017

It’s unimaginable how love works. 

Tenderness could melt rocks. 

Affection could warm the heart like socks. 

Love stories are legendary like Captain Spock! 

Day 86 in 2017

Running through the tunnel, 

You are exposed to the limited sphere.

Sometimes the end is invisible,

But it is doubtlessly leading you somewhere. 

Keep on running. 

Enjoy the solitude. 

Day 58 in 2017

The path is long 

And probably winding. 

Keep on running 

While the great light is shining. 

Our giant shadows are the chaperones  

Who run along flatly with no bones .

You never run alone. 

Sammy the Anchor <3

Sammy the Anchor
Is a great husband
As steady as the anchor
He would stand by me

Sammy the Anchor
Is a humble man
As meek as the lamb
He is so patient with me

Sammy the Anchor
Is a true gentleman
As pure as water
He knows how to take care of me

Sammy the Anchor
Is my very own anchor
Where I can hold on to
And stand firm until the end

Sammy the Anchor
Is the one and only
Whom I love
With all my heart

I will be here… (Steven Curtis Chapman)

Yesterday a friend who’s preparing for his wedding asked me for a list of wedding songs. He said that he still couldn’t find the right song. So I emailed him a short list, and I put a high recommendation on a song by Steven Curtis Chapman “I Will Be Here”. I told him that my husband once sang it at a wedding, and it was beautiful. Not long after, this friend texted me saying “I”m in the office listening to the song and holding my tears. It’s so touching. This song describes how a husband should be…” – well yes, but I think to be exact how both husband and wife should be 🙂




This morning I listened to this song one more time, and almost cried, too. I mean, I have known this song for a very long time, but this morning I realised that it accurately describes my husband all these times! He’s always there for me through my ups and downs. No wonder he sang it beautifully, he has been living all the words up personally all these years. The song has become a person: him.

I’m not being sentimentil here. I am acknowledging and honoring the man who simply loves and loves simply with all his entire being. The man of integrity.

So, I dedicate this post for my darling hubby – the man who keeps his promises to me and the One who has brought us together…

I love you. Beyond beautiful words and love songs.

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