Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs


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Day 307 in 2017

Think anyone can see through your inner being?

With a bare visage,

Under the light – sans any cage?

The eyes are the most revealing,

How the ocean within are calmed down,

As your coming journey is at the dawn.


(Delayed) Day 293 in 2017

To commune is wise,

As one can never live alone,

Though one is standing alone,

One needs to take and give the vibe.

(Delayed) Day 289 in 2017

The heart is a mosaic of truth,

Where all that happened stay,

It purely keeps all as the truth,

And hard to let them go away.

(Delayed) Day 287 in 2017

Choices come like an ambush,

Never come alone,

Never give an easy push,

Cogitate well, and make a decision.

(Delayed) Day 286 in 2017

Humbly bow and greet changes,

As they enter through the door of your life.

Put on your smile instead of cringes,

As opportunities always escort the strife.

(Delayed) Day 283 in 2017

Inadequate feeling creeps in,

As one lacks of light;

Unable to find the insight,

Of the indispensable course one is on.

(Delayed) Day 279 in 2017

What’s going on in your mind?

Can your lenses tell the world?

What are you trying to leave behind?

Can your mind cease the struggle?

(Delayed) Day 278 in 2017

Waiting for the birds to fly,

I toss the gleeful heart so high,

I’ve shed tears and let them dry,

All at the edge of my might.

(Delayed) Day 274 in 2017

Sitting quietly in the corner,

Silently converse with the self,

At the edge of losing the passion burner,

One questions the accountability of self.

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