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Day 140 in 2017

Saturday morning sunshine peeps through the rows of guardian trees, 

Smiling gently at you,

And assures you about great things that are coming to pass.

You ask yourself about the path you’re walking through; 

Why is it hidden among the guardian trees? 

How would  anyone see the path? 

Who would  walk the path? 

The sun replies quietly, “It’s not your call to think about it”

Yes, listen to the sun. 

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Day 125 in 2017

Walk the night away, 

After the rain has stopped dancing,

Along the watery pathway. 

Tell me the story worth revealing, 

The truth about the passing day.

About what love has been growing, 

In your brightly blue sky. 

Has it grown teardrop out of striving? 

Or sweat for the lack of supply? 

Tell me about what the sun has been hearing, 

From the chatterbox birds that fly,

Over the land that has been dreaming, 

Of the warmth of May. 

Tell me more as I am listening, 

Tell me more, you shan’t be shy.