Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 310 in 2017

Sunday mornings are not as lazy as you thought it was;

The sun has run up the horizon faster than the rider,

As if it doesn’t want to be left behind the chase;

But who could beat the early risers?


(Delayed) Day 292 in 2017

When the stars land on the city,

The night seems hype,

As the tiresome beings run back to their identity,

There’s no more to hide… no more to hide.

(Delayed) Day 291 in 2017

Rushing through the present,

All are striving to get there soon,

Chasing the time as if it would be absent,

But kairos rules in the end.

(Delayed) Day 288 in 2017

Dreaming of walking on the clouds,

Overpassing reality,

On the way towards the next reality,

Under the blue sky – on top of the steps, standing proud.

(Delayed) Day 272 in 2017

The wet window on Wednesday,

Wishes the woe in the weather,

Not to weaken the wanderer,

Nor wilt the well-wishers on the way.

Day 226 in 2017

The mist awakens the dawn timidly.
It tickles the sleeping green with its white shadow,
Like a silk blanket covering the bed fervently,
Being hesitant to uncover the morning marrow.

Day 224 in 2017

Walk the line and never be dismayed,

It’s brightly clear to see which way to take.

The sky is cheering with the clouds being arrayed,

For a future, and promises to make.

Day 222 in 2017

Is it endless?

Who knows?

Is it merciless?

Who cares?

The path is ageless,

Walk each day away,

Looking back is useless,

For it will only slip your hope away.

Day 221 in 2017

One would never thought that,

Something unexpectedly breathtaking,

Could come out of the shambles pot,

Confusing, yet mind blowing.

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